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3G-FAX system is ideal for today’s office with computer network. It utilizes a memory chip to replace papers used by the traditional fax machine, with the best faxing software to meet present-day internet faxing needs. It is a paper-free faxing system, saving money, time and natural resources.

3G-FAX can be connected to a single computer or a network of multiple computers. When 3G-FAX is installed for network use, it works in client-server correlation. A 3G-FAX server can support loads of clients; each of them has its own fax extension number and shares a same external telephone line.

  • Paper free faxing
  • Faxing when the computer is shut down
  • Group broadcasting and auto-redialing
  • Scheduled faxing
  • Auto distribute after receive a fax
  • Manual Rx and Tx
  • Fax to Email
  • Electronically sign, stamp, and note on fax
  • Convert fax to editable word document by setting for TIF file
    • Save and query fax
    • User defined voice alerting
    • Phonebook
    • Answering machine
    • Send Data files
    • Fax/voice Remote Access
    • Powerful Fax management
    • Scalable safeguard system
    • Easy to install, configure and operate


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